Wistow Gallery is committed to choosing green-friendly options and has a strong focus on working towards reducing our impact on the planet, we do this in the following ways …

l. We use recycled bubble wrap to protect sold items alongside acid-free tissue paper that can be recycled after use.

2. We only ever use paper bags.

3. Production from local artists helps to keep travel miles to a minimum.

4. Greetings cards are packed in plant-based plastics. We are striving to make all our cards completely plastic-free.

5. We focus on selling items for life, not disposable single-use goods.

Sarah gallery owner using sustainable bubble wrap.
Picture of two wistow gallery staff members holding different sized kraft sustainable bags with wistow galleries logo stamped on them to ensure the environmental impact is reduced.
Picture of a person picking greeting cards from a display unit on the wall featuring an array of hand illustrated printed gift cards of varying sizes.
Staff member pressing stamp of wistow galleries logo onto the kraft bag.
Picture of the inside of the gallery showcase lots of products from art prints, ceramics to greeting cards. In the far background a staff member is picture talking to a member of the public.
Sarah wistow gallery owner wrapping a book in turquoise sustainable tissue paper.